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gold buy Warmane Outland

g4wowgo 4 weeks ago in Other 0

Gratefully the battle was all the while going on, yet when I really gained power of my character, I was no longer in the royal position room. I had fallen through the world, and was in some tremendous, sloping desert. Around me were irregular props and characters that had been in the position of royalty room and had fallen through the world with gold buy Warmane Outland . I fought a couple of Stormwind monitors and after that viewed a clamorous fight above me. I couldn't see the honored position room or anything, however each and every character and King Wrynn were in that spot above me, seeming to remain on some undetectable stage in the sky, battling it out. In the end the Horde slaughtered Wrynn, and I got the accomplishment for it also. Effectively a standout amongst the most out-there encounters I've ever had in World of Warcraft. 


Take Payment

Dr Chad Esaiah 4 weeks ago in Other • updated by Smith U 2 weeks ago 1

I just saw a patient and created an invoice. He paid cash and I am trying to create a payment record but whenever I press the "create" button nothing happens

Not a bug

Message not reading correctly.

Dr Chad Esaiah 2 months ago in Other • updated by Richie Rich 2 months ago 3

Hi, I created an SMS template for contacting patients that I havnt seen in a while. but it doesnt read correctly. The template is:

hi client.firstName. Just letting you know that appointment.resources is back on Island this week. Go to Chiro in Raro facebook page to book or message him. Thanks Rebecca.

But instead of using my correct name Dr Chad Esaiah it still says DrFakeDr. 

Also can I send an SMS to multiple patients at once? I tried and the system doesnt seem to like sending to lots of clients at once. Is there a limit?

Richie Rich 2 months ago

Hi Dr Chad,

1. It says 'DrFakeDr' as a placeholder to show kind-of what it would look like when you send. This is normal and correct behaviour. Of course, when you send, that will be set to your name ;)

Remember, appointments could be with different Resources, so Zurili will slot in the correct one at send time. It's just that you probably only have yourself at this point.

Btw, if you want, you could add a link to book directly in your sms. Take the link you want to use from http://localhost:3001/settings/setup/online-booking . Of course it will be a bit long. But you can use a service like to shorten it and add it to your message template. That way, they can go to book direct without having to go via FB.

2. Yes you can send an sms to multiple clients. If sending a manual sms, just add each client you want to send the message to in the About box at the top. You can use the '+' button to add a number of someone that isn't in your client list too if you want.


Daylight Savings time

Ben 2 months ago in Other • updated by Richie Rich 2 months ago 2

Why is it that my live zurili on my main computer accurately reflects times of events in my timezone (QLD time), but when i access it via my phone through the app/chrome it has the times in what appears to be eastern daylight savings time?

This is frustrating and inaccurate

Richie Rich 2 months ago

Hi Ben,

We have come across this at another site. The problem was that their pc was set to Sydney time, not Brisbane so when daylight savings changed last weekend, they updated that setting. Of course the Syncrotron doesn't know this has happened so doesn't resync. Here's what to do:

1. Fix the timezone setting in your pc

2. Restart your pc

3. Pause the syncrotron

4. Hit the 'Full Sync' button top-right in the syncrotron.

5. Restart the syncrotron syncing (hit the big grey button top-left)

Fixed. :)


Cant find my country (New Zealand or Cook Islands) to buy a new number to send sms messages

Dr Chad Esaiah 3 months ago in Other • updated by Richie Rich 3 months ago 3

Hi I cant seem to find New Zealand or Cook Islands in the country drop down box when trying to "Buy new number". 

Richie Rich 3 months ago

Hi Chad,

Unfortunately, while we have voice numbers for NZ, we don't yet have NZ numbers for SMS :(

You can still send SMS to NZ but you'll have to do it from a number originating in a different country. US numbers are particularly cheap, AU numbers a bit more expensive but you'll need to choose based on your cultural preference. The cost per SMS to send is determined solely by the destination, not your number choice.

We do expect NZ SMS-enabled numbers to become available, but I cannot tell you when. I'll let you know when they are.

Regarding Cook Islands, again, you can send SMS there no problem and in fact, they are about 5 times cheaper than NZ messages! Voice calls to Cook Islands is not clear, I'm investigating and will advise when I know.


hang up button missing

Beau Woods 4 months ago in Other • updated by Richie Rich 4 months ago 1

Unable to hang up from calls as hang up button is missing?

Richie Rich 4 months ago

Hmm. It's just affecting a few users but not all with no updates to that code :(

We have updated the voip connector hoping that will fix the issue and also added some logging to that section to give us more info in case it hasn't.

Just pushed the update now so please refresh your browser to get it.

:) Richard.


Unable to make outgoing calls

Beau Woods 8 months ago in Other • updated by Richie Rich 8 months ago 1

Unable to make outgoing calls, nothing happens and the RED no go symbol appears - all fields are entered as required.

Richie Rich 8 months ago

Hi Beau,

Very sorry about that. It is now fixed.


Feedback tickets

Jenna 2 years ago in Other • updated by Ruby Dearth 6 months ago 2

Can't send more than one ticket without reloading the page.

Richie Rich 2 years ago

That's fixed. There is now a 'Go Back' link bottom left so you can. :)


Great work Richard

Dr Shane Mezger 2 years ago in Other • updated by Logan Rubin 5 months ago 2

Great Work. Looking forward to the evelution