Need more information

Sure. I can help you with that.

I'll need you to be a bit more specific.

If this is an issue that seems to be affecting more than one person, it usually works best if we focus on a specific example. Once that is resolved, let's see if it still affects others. Solving one often solves many :)

Can you tell me:

  1. Which user is having trouble - in particular, is it someone in your team or a client?
  2. Which client is involved, if any - a concrete example is best, not just 'everyone'
  3. When the issue happened - again, a concrete example please, not just 'always'
  4. What the user did
  5. What they expected
  6. What they got

I understand if your issue doesn't fit this pattern. The key principle is that we need to be able to understand the issue and reproduce it in order to help.

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