Why use Zurili to make and receive Calls?

Using Zurili to make and receive your telephone calls has many benefits:

  1. You can receive your calls from anywhere you have an internet connection* - at work, at home, at your assistant's home
  2. You can make or return calls from anywhere too, all from your business number
  3. All calls are logged
  4. Call logs can be drawn to the attention of other team members with a single click
  5. Optionally, all calls can be recorded
  6. When call is received from a client, you know who it is and have their record in front of you before you even answer the call.
  7. Advanced call redirect options let you send missed calls to voicemail, try to redirect to another number, or have you call answered by our professional operators.

* To make or receive calls you need an internet connection and a modern web browser. You can use a Mac or a PC but not iOS or Android.

It's easy to set up too.

Here are some scenarios that might work for you:

Busy with clients

You may have times when no-one can answer your calls because you are busy with clients. But that doesn't mean you don't want the call answered and a new appointment booked. You can simply set Zurili to ring, say, 3 times and if you can't take the call, it goes to one of our operators.

Out of hours

You do morning or afternoon shifts with your phones unattended outside of these hours. Don't miss those valuable calls - redirect them to your assistant so they can answer with full access to all appointments. If they too are unavailable, you can then choose to forward the call to one of our operators so you can be sure they're never missed.


If you redirect missed calls to voicemail, you can hear them anytime you want, from anywhere you like. Mark the call as 'triaged' when it's dealt with. 'Un-triaged' calls can show on your dashboard so you see them straight away. Then, one click to call back and they see your business caller id, not some mobile number your client doesn't know.

Forwarding messages

A client call or message may be important to some one else in your office. Just add them to the list of interested parties and they get notified.

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