Our Client can't see her appointments

Our client has logged in to reschedule their appointment but can't see any of their appointments!

First, a little background.

How Client Login Works

The client can log in at https//app.zurili.com/home/login. You probably already have a link to this on your website. You can get a better, more personalized link from your site details. That one will show your site name in the login.

When they do, they have to log in with either their mobile number or their email address. Once they log in, Zurili looks for clients with a matching phone number or email and offers to link them. Only then can they see their appointments and those of any family members with the same mobile and/or email.

Clearly, for this to work, they must be using the mobile number or email address that you have in their client record in Zurili. Otherwise there will be no match and they won't be able to see their appointments.

So what do I do now?

Your client simply needs to login using either a phone number that is in their record or an email address that is in their record.

So either you need to update the phone or email in Zurili, or they need to use the right one to log in.

How can they see other family member's appointments

It's the same thing. If the other family member's have the same email or phone number, they will show up to be linked.

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