Minimize Concierge Costs

The Zurili Concierge Service is a human-resources cost, not a software cost. This means, it bills a substantial rate and if you don't use it carefully, you can spend a lot more than you need to.

Here are the things you need to do to get the most from the Zurili Concierge Service

while minimizing your costs.

1. Set up online booking

Online booking is free for cancellations and reschedules and very cheap for new bookings. The more your clients use online booking instead of calling, the more cost-effective it is for you. Make sure you have the online booking links very obvious and easy to find on your web site, in Facebook and in Google Business. Our Concierges are all trained to encourage your clients to use your online booking next time if their call could be handled by themselves, but this won't help if they can't find the links!

2. Answer calls yourself when you can

If you have someone available on-site who can answer a call, make sure they are responsive when a call comes in so they get it before it redirects to the Concierge. We recommend you redirect your calls after 2 rings to the Concierge. Leaving the redirect for longer means more dropped calls as clients will get impatient if it takes too long between when their call starts and when it's answered. This means your on-site team needs to be on the ball to get that call within 2 rings. You're covered if they don't but then you have to pay for the Concierge.

3. Triage events when they're handled

Leaving events in 'Needs Admin Triage' (orange) when they have been completed creates unnecessary background noise that will stop you seeing new messages. Make sure you mark them as 'Triaged' (green) once they are done. Our Concierges are trained to leave every call orange even if there is no further action required, so you can review the work they are doing. Make sure you review them regularly and mark them green. Then you won't miss messages you do need to see.

4. Be responsive

When the concierge leaves a message that requires your action, act straight away. Otherwise the client will soon be calling again, immediately doubling your Concierge costs as well as annoying your clients. Similarly, anytime a client asks you to do something, do it straight away and text or email them to confirm it's done. That will remove the need for them to call and follow up with you.

5. Have complete FAQs

The more things you have in your FAQs, the more your Concierge can take care of for you without you having to attend to the same task. Also, the more informed your Concierge is, the faster and more efficient they can be with handling any given call.

6. Avoid number confusion

If you are getting wrong-number calls, you may need to find out why and fix the cause e.g. your number is too similar to another popular number, update the link to your number in your website so it direct-dials without having to copy it across to the phone app, clearly separate your business from another related business etc. BUT while you're working that out, update your FAQs again so the Concierge can efficiently redirect those calls and get off the call as quickly as possible. If you're seeing wrong number messages coming back from the Concierge, follow up why and see if you can't fix the cause.

7. Review messages from previous calls

Review each message that you get from the Concierge. Consider how you could have avoided having to receive that call in the first place. The only calls you really want to be getting are new clients booking in, so be on the look out for how you can firstly eliminate the need for a client to call. If you can't eliminate it, see if there is some way you can make it easier for the Concierge to resolve it - probably with a better FAQ. Anything that's left is genuine work that you really need the Concierge to handle for you.

And finally...

Remember again that the Zurili Concierge Service is a human-resources cost, not a software cost. In exchange you get genuine caring people answering your phone for you when you can't making sure you don't miss any business just because you didn't answer the phone.

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