Sync with your existing data

Zurili can sync with many existing in-office systems. This means you can have all your clients and appointments instantly available both in Zurili and in your existing system.

Supported software

Currently supported software for synchronization are:

  • Spinalogic
  • Front desk
  • Capable
  • Cliniko

If you are using some other client management software and would like it to sync with Zurili, just send a ticket and we'll see what we can do.

What exactly is synchronized?

Clients All active client and clients with an appointment that will be synchronized. Inactive clients with no appointments are not. All changed clients are also synchronized.

Resources All active resources or resources with an appointment that will be synchronized. All changed Resources.

Appointments All appointments between 7 days in the past and 30 days in the future. All changed appointments.

How quickly does this synchronization occur?

After initial sync, changes from Zurili will take up to 60 seconds to appear in your local system. Changes from your local system will appear in Zurili even faster - usually in under a second.

The initial sync will take a bit longer. Depending on how many clients and appointments you have as well as how fast your internet is, it will take between 2 and 60 minutes to complete.

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