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Ok Thanks Richard. Thats great. The only trouble is that the recipients of my messages are receiving DrFakDr not my name. They have talked to me and read the txt to me. So I sent out a txt to 70 odd people that I have on the books (that I manually input into Zurili) to let them knoe I was back in Rarotonga, and they all got DrFakeDr instead of my real name. I have sent a one off sms to someone there and they reported that it was working fine. So I dont know what I have done wrong

All good I have been able to buy a NZ voice number. I must have been doing something wrong

getting lots of people in Rarotonga booking but they are having to recreate their record instead of using the one that I created for them last week

Ok, thanks Richard. What If I have seen these patients before I had Zurili and have since entered those patients details into Zurili, can they then select their record and make multiple appointments?  Also it seems that they cant use the file I have created to make an apportionment. Unless they are doing something wrong. But every patient that has done that has had to make a new file. Can I merge these duplicates into one file?

Great thanks Richard.

Just need an hour with your setup specialist to iron out a few things and get zurili online and operating