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Insufficient Credit to Receive Incoming Call

Ok, we are not sending calls to the concierge service, and we no longer have an active number to even do that. Why is there negative balances accruing??


Client Payment in Advance

Dr Chad Esaiah 5 months ago in Client Billing • updated by Richie Rich (Level 2 Support) 5 months ago 1


Clients in in the Cooks like to see me multiple times during the week that I am on the Island and usually pay for them in advance. Can I receipt their pre-payment in Zurili? Is there means to send receipts via sms automatically once they have used a portion of their pre-payment?


Hi Dr Chad,

You can take a pre-payment an then use that for each subsequent billing, no problem.

You can then generate their receipt as a pdf and send using your usual email client. We will have direct email of receipt from Zurili shortly. It's in the near-term roadmap