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URGENT!!! Profiles won't save mobile numbers starting with 049...

Gaby 4 years ago in Accounts updated by Oscar (Level 1 Support) 4 years ago 1

Mobile Phone Zurili.pdf

Hi there,

Recently noticed I am unable to save profiles with mobile numbers starting 049-. If you could please look into this asap as patients won't receive their automated reminders. Much appreciated! :)


Which callers go to Concierge?

Janno 6 years ago in Accounts updated by Janine Adams 6 years ago 4

What phone numbers does the cloud software appointment system recognize in Spinalogic so it doesn't direct all calls to the Concierge. I thought Jenna had set it up that numbers it didn't recognise (3 appointment's in) would come to Zurili others to us.

Janno 6 years ago

we use scenario 1. forward everything on a Wednesday and Friday arvo. But i just want answered the NP phonecalls. I have changed the settings to 'known callers - with no previous appointments completed' (and also to take unknown callers). Is this correct?


billing charges

Dr Jeremy Hammond 8 years ago in Accounts updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4


I can see in my account the charges on to my credit card, approx $13AUD each time but I can see how that money is being spend in my account such as for new online bookings, conceirge calls, phone number rental. It would be very good and in my opinion vital to have access to this information if it isn't already somewhere on the app.

As a side issue I do find that I end up pressing lots of cogs and links trying to find the right part of the site so possibly the user interface can be improved, not sure if other practitioners find it hard to find things.


Hi Jeremy. That info is all available. Just hit the cog when on the dashboard and select 'Account' or right-click on your profile widget (top-right) and select account).

You can find a support page on billing here: You can also find this by clicking on the help/feedback tab and entering 'billing'. Tell me if you are still needing more detail.

P.S. if you search for 'pricing' you'll get links to all fees info too.

Thanks for your feedback on the UI. All the settings are grouped by the place they are relevant. e.g. appointment-related settings in the cog when in the appointments tab, communications-related settings in the cog when in the communications tab, general ones when in the dashboard tab. Do you have an alternative suggestion?