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Length of conversation without booking appointment

Lisa Naera 4 years ago in Concierge updated by Oscar (Level 1 Support) 4 years ago 1

If there are no appointments available then please leave Straight Up Health reception a note to contact them should one become available rather than having a lengthy conversation without booking an appointment


Wrong voicemail message

Keiran 7 years ago in Concierge updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

Unanswered calls yesterday were sent to the wrong practice's voicemail message, on three separate occasions to my knowledge. Each of the calls was sent to a different voicemail for three different practices. All different clients.


As noted in ticket #170, this is now resolved.

Specifically: when calls could not be taken by the Concierge because they were all on other calls, the caller was placed in a queue. The message given on entry to the queue sometimes identified the incorrect practice. Otherwise, the call was handled correctly, but of course this was quite disconcerting to the caller.

Anyways... fixed :)

Under review

New Zealand voice number and US sms number.

Dr Chad Esaiah 7 years ago in Concierge updated by Richie Rich 1 (Level 3 Support) 7 years ago 1

Hi Richard. I am in the process of getting my website done for my new practice in Redcliffs Christchurch. It needs a landline number and I have purchased a New Zealand number for voice because its cheap enough and I have a US number (does voce and SMS) for sending SMS messages because the US is really cheap. Will this work. So far I have not been able to get the NZ number to dial my phone and I cant dial it. Any suggestions


Cant buy New Zealand voice number

Dr Chad Esaiah 7 years ago in Concierge updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

I have created a new Zealand site in addition to my Rarotongan site. I have an american voice and sms number but I cant buy a New Zealand voice number. Also I cant save the options when editing the call diversion to concierge or voicemail. Can I use the US number to sms and a New Zealand number to receive and send voice calls?

Dr Chad Esaiah 7 years ago

All good I have been able to buy a NZ voice number. I must have been doing something wrong


Client number not getting replaced in call log

Super Lauren 8 years ago in Concierge updated by Richie Rich 1 (Level 3 Support) 8 years ago 1

When I add a client, it should replace the number in the call log with that client... but it doesn't. See e.g. Alethea.


Hi Lauren,

You're right!. They should update but they don't if you create the client with their number. This has been fixed for the next update but until that is released in the next few days, here's what you need to do:

For each affected client:

1. Edit their record and change their phone number. Just change the last digit.

2. Save

3. Edit them again, changing their number back to the correct one.

Ta da!

:) Richard.