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URGENT!!! Profiles won't save mobile numbers starting with 049...

Gaby 4 years ago in Accounts updated by Oscar (Level 1 Support) 4 years ago 1

Mobile Phone Zurili.pdf

Hi there,

Recently noticed I am unable to save profiles with mobile numbers starting 049-. If you could please look into this asap as patients won't receive their automated reminders. Much appreciated! :)

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Trouble triaging

Lisa Naera 6 months ago in Dashboard updated by Sachini (Level 1 Support) 6 months ago 1

I need some help to triage a message on the dashboard. We have tried everything and its stuck Zurili dashboard.png

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Cant change picture

Dr Ashley Campbell-Bird 10 months ago in Dashboard updated by Sachini (Level 1 Support) 10 months ago 1
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Mobile phone

Michael Budlender 2 years ago in Cloud Calls updated 2 weeks ago 2

My can't you set up a soft phone on a mobile to be able to make and take calls via zurili



Michael Budlender 3 years ago in Other updated by Jenna Zurili (Level 2 Support) 3 years ago 1

Do you have a privacy policy to pass on to our patients to let them know their details are accessed by a third p8


Hi Michael,

At the bottom of our webpage you will see the links to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Here is the direct links:

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. 

Jenna :)



STAR Radiology 3 years ago in Other updated by Jenna Zurili (Level 2 Support) 3 years ago 1

We have applied the newest update however one of our computers (Table 1) is stuck on a 'Register screen'. Please Advise how we can take this off of the computer screen making it usable again. As the chiro on duty is unable to see more than one patient at a time while the update is on the screen.

Kind regards, 



Hi Joann,

This has just been resolved. You should now be able to book for the new year.

Oscar :)


Length of conversation without booking appointment

Lisa Naera 4 years ago in Concierge updated by Oscar (Level 1 Support) 3 years ago 1

If there are no appointments available then please leave Straight Up Health reception a note to contact them should one become available rather than having a lengthy conversation without booking an appointment


unable to purchase a phone number

Lisa Smith 4 years ago in SMS updated by Richie Rich 1 (Level 3 Support) 4 years ago 1

Screenshot 2020-03-11 13.46.47.png. Hello, this is my second attempt to get this resolved, I continue to try and purchase a number for SMS and Voice needs but keep getting error code 21649 which just tells me to contact Twilio?  I don't know what that is and their website isn't helpful.  Please refer to screenshot and advice how I resolve?  


Hi Lisa,

Just confirming I have addressed this in a separate ticket and am closing this one.

To reiterate, this will be resolved within 2 weeks.

:) Richard.


sms reminder issue

Reception 5 years ago in SMS updated by MikaylaBreinl 4 years ago 1


a patient named lennox tierney isn't getting reminders. Yet the same number under his mums account is? we have had to triage his account numerous times now and it's the same phone number

VOLTA ZAIGHAM 5 years ago

Hi Eric,

I have just created a ticket for you regarding this issue, since we will be sharing a few details from within your Zurli site, while addressing this query and public forum will not be suitable for sharing such details.

I have already sent you a reply in the ticket, which you should have received by now.